Enhanced Customer Security via High Grade Encryption

With all the news surrounding events involving compromised consumer credit card information at major retailers, we at PVC Vent Screens decided to take additional measures to safeguard our valued customers. On October 13, 2014, we successfully added encrypted communication capabilities between our entire website (including our store) and each customer.

With the use of a 2048 bit high-grade security certificate, each customer shopping on the PVC Vent Screens website can rest in knowing that third parties will not intercept or interfere with their shopping experience. For example, data transferred from our website to the customer is encrypted and can’t be intercepted and interpreted when viewing our website from an internet café, publicly available Wi-Fi hotspot or by internet service providers.

The addition of encrypted communications between the host (us) and the client (you) also provides many other benefits in addition to enhanced basic user privacy. Our customers can now shop in our store with complete confidence, update their user accounts without the potential for third party snooping and no user accounts can be spoofed by intercepting session cookies. In general, this provides for a safer and more secure shopping experience for all of us.

The use of a high-grade security certificate is supported by all major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Most web browsers display a padlock to users, in addition to the “https” prefix on the webpage address bar, to indicate a secure transport layer security session is active. From start to finish, you should always be within a secure session on our website and also while submitting a payment for one of our vent screens. Should you encounter any problems viewing our website, please contact us and describe your problem so that we can take immediate action.

Though internet borne threats continue to evolve, we want our valued customers to know that we are doing everything within our power to protect their privacy and maintain the most secure overall shopping experience possible. For additional information on how we handle and secure personal information, please view our privacy policy page for more details.

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