Privacy Policy

We collect a variety of data from our website that allows us to better serve our customers. Non-order browsing related data collected is restricted to common website analytical data. This data includes ones IP address, web browser, pages viewed and other information that allows us to make improvements to our website. Orders, which are processed by means of a shopping cart, do use cookies and are intended only to facilitate the process of completing transactions in the most efficient manner for our users.

Website based orders do require that we collect personal information to bill and ship goods. Additionally, we do utilize the services of third parties to host our website on a PCI compliant server (SiteGround), process payment transactions (PayPal and Stripe), ship goods (United States Postal Service and FedEx) and to analyze website traffic (Google). These third parties do have their own respective privacy policies, which are outside of our control, and may be viewed at the links below.

United States Postal Service:

Website traffic data is housed on both a SiteGround PCI compliant server and at Google. Payment information is held in trust by PayPal and Stripe. The aforementioned businesses have a long-standing reputation for safeguarding their users and have earned the confidence of many consumers throughout the world.

Our website does utilize a contact form, which does request personal information to respond to requests by both our visitors and existing customers. Though inquiries via our web form do request personally identifiable information, access to this information is restricted to key staff and is used for the sole purpose of responding to each individual inquiry.

We do not sell, rent or otherwise disclose the personal information of our value customers. However, we do reserve the right to release information for law enforcement investigations, court orders and other legal obligations that may be required under the United States laws within the State of Ohio. Additionally, as a manufacturer/retailer, we do participate in efforts to reduce online fraud and reserve the right to report such loss events and accompanying information (name, address, order information, etc.) to private and/or public databases where such information may be viewed and considered by other manufacturers/retailers in their efforts to reduce fraud and other preventable loss events.

In addition to this privacy policy, which stipulates how we handle, store and use personal information, we also utilize industry standard security measures to protect the privacy of our valued customers and website visitors. Please view our encryption page to learn more about how these added security measures will protect your privacy.

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