PVC Vent Screen Installation Instructions

Our PVC vent screens are very easy to install and require no special tools or materials. Below you will find the six simple steps that are needed to properly install any of our PVS series vent screens. If you would prefer to download and print these instructions, please click here. Additionally, you may want to watch this video demonstration to gain a better understanding of how our vent screens are installed.

Before we do a walk through of the installation process, it is important that you are wearing safety glasses when you handle, install or remove our vent screens. Our fasteners, which are otherwise known as internal wire clips, may spring back if you lose your grip on them during installation or removal.

Step 1: When installing our PVC vent screens, it is important that your high efficiency appliance is turned off. Therefore, we recommend turning off your furnace, power vent hot water heater or boiler before proceeding onto the next step.

Step 2: It is important to clear the PVC vent hub from any debris. Dust, dirt and other particles can make it difficult to insert our vents. Therefore, we recommend that you take a damp cloth and wipe the inside of the hub out so that it is clean.

Step 3: Insert your new vent screen into the clean PVC hub until it is flush up against the flange. The fitment should be slightly loose and will accommodate minor deviations in most PVC hubs. If needed, a simple clothespin can be used to hold the vent screen in position for the next installation step.

Step 4: Take the wire clip and install one end in the ten o’clock position so that it is firmly against the screen shell. While using your thumb to support the wire clip that is against the screen shell, take the other end of the wire clip and guide it into the flange or coupling so that the bottom of the clip clears the opening. Once the internal wire clip is installed, which should look like a “U,” please make sure it is positioned firmly against the PVC vent screen shell and also the PVC hub.

Properly Installed PVC Vent Screen

PVC Vent Screen Installed

Step 5: Return your high efficiency furnace, power vent hot water heater or boiler back to service and test to observe its operation.

Since our PVC vent screens are so light, they may also be optionally installed with caulk. However, we believe that using our internal wire clip is the most secure fastening method.

Please note that our PVS-IS2, PVS-IS3 and PVS-IS4 series insect vent screens are not designed for use during winter. For winter use, when insects are not active, we recommend using our PVS-RS2, PVS-RS3 and PVS-RS4 PVC vent screens. Additional details regarding vent screen selection can be found on our FAQ page.

Before installing any vent screens on your high efficiency furnace, power vent hot water or boiler vents, please consult the manufacturer for suitability.

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