PVC Vent Screens Installation Instructions

PVC Vent Screens is the manufacturer of CVC, PVS and SVC series vent screens and caps. While our vent protection products are widely known for their high quality construction and superior airflow, our products are also very simple to install. Because of the ease of installation, each vent screen and cap we sell remains serviceable for seasonal screen changes to provide true all-season vent protection.

Beneath this paragraph you will find the installation instructions for the vent protection products we manufacture. When available, we will also provide a link to an installation video. Please note the installation instructions will load in a new window where they may be downloaded or printed.

Vent Screen and Cap Model Information

PVS series vent screens are truly “Professional Vent Screen” inserts designed for installation inside standard vent termination hubs/elbows. Manufactured in the USA with premium 316 stainless steel screens and durable 6061T6 aluminum housings, PVS series vent screens are designed to outlive the high efficiency boiler, furnace and hot water heaters they protect. PVS-IS2, PVS-IS3 and PVS-IS4 models are designed as three season screens to guard intake and exhaust vents from insects while maintaining a 70% airflow rating. During sub-freezing temperatures and throughout winter, the PVS-RS2, PVS-RS3 and PVS-RS4 guards ventilation systems with an industry leading 90% airflow rating. While most rodent screens on the market have just a 60-75% airflow rating, and are known to cause appliance lockouts during winter, PVS-R model vent screens are trusted by professionals for use in the coldest climates of North America.

CVC series concentric vent caps are professional grade vent protection products designed to protect CVENT-2 and CVENT-3 concentric vents. Each CVC concentric vent cap is manufactured in the USA with a premium 316 stainless steel screen and 6061T6 aluminum housing for durability. CVC series caps fasten over the short exhaust pipe on CVENT-2 and CVENT-3 models with three stainless steel set screws for a secure but serviceable fit. CVC-I models guard against bees, birds, wasps and other outdoor wildlife with a 70% airflow rating during spring, summer and fall. During winter, CVC-R model concentric vent caps guard the exhaust vent from birds, chipmunks, mice, squirrels and other outdoor pests with a 90% airflow rating. Each CVC series cap is manufactured with a forward weep hole to allow condensate and rain to drip from the cap in horizontally vented applications.

SVC series caps are manufactured to fit directly over straight pipe terminations, which are often used in drainage applications. Made in America, SVC-IS15 and SVC-IS2 model caps feature 70% airflow rated 316 stainless steel screens to guard terminations against infiltration events caused by bees, wasps and other bugs. SVC-RS15 and SVC-RS2 model caps are best suited for sump pumps and other applications where the durability of a 76% open area 316 stainless steel rodent screen is required. Each SVC series cap secures directly over PVC pipe with three stainless steel set screws for a secure and serviceable installation.

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