Measuring PVC Vent Dimensions for Our Vent Screens & Caps

There are nearly a dozen different vent termination configurations used for high efficiency boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters. Add drainage applications to the total, and the number of configurations increases even more. In an effort to help our customers quickly determine the size of their intake and exhaust vents, we have split our sizing assistance page into specific categories. Please click on the image below that best represents the appearance of your vent or drain termination.

Select Your PVC Vent or Drain Termination from Images Below

Hub TerminationsConcentric Vent TerminationsStraight Pipe Terminations
Hub/Elbow Screen InsertsConcentric Vent CapsStraight Pipe Caps

When an uncommon PVC vent or drain termination is encountered, it can often be easily adapted to accommodate a standard vent screen or cap. Please click the image below if you have a non-typical vent or drain termination to learn more about your options.

Summary of Various PVC Vent and Drain Terminations

Hub (elbow) terminations are commonly used for HVAC applications where directional control of intake and exhaust vent terminations is preferred. Hubs also cover field cut ventilation pipe, which often have burrs.

Concentric vents are used for HVAC applications and include both the intake and exhaust terminations in one unit. Concentric vents are preferred by many installers as only one large hole needs to be cut into dwellings -vs- two that would be needed for independent intake and exhaust hub terminations. Property owners also prefer the appearance of concentric vents, though their design makes them prone to infiltration events from animals (primarily birds) and insects (bees, wasps, etc.).

Straight pipe terminations are commonly used in drainage applications, including sump pump discharge lines. Since the pipe’s proximity to the ground is often close, small animals such as chipmunks and mice often find their way into the openings and cause blockages. Straight pipe terminations are not ideal for HVAC applications since they are more likely to permit animal, insect and wind related lockouts.

Adapting terminations is often necessary when an uncommon diameter pipe and/or hubs must be protected by a vent screen. 1″ to 2″, 1-1/4″ to 2″ and 2-1/2″ to 3″ adapter couplings are readily available to adapt intake and exhaust terminations to a standard vent screen size.

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