Two Inch Insect Vent Screens

The two inch vent screens below protect 2″ ventilation and drainage systems from animals, debris and insects. Often bees and wasps will nest within PVC pipes, or inside appliances, which may create restrictions that impact performance and cause appliances to shut down. By following best practices, the vent screens below will maintain proper airflow while insects are active. Additional 2″ vent screens may be found in our store.

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  • SVC-IS2 2" PVC Vent Cap with Screen for Insects

    2″ PVC Vent Cap for Insects and Rodents

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  • PVS-IS2 2" PVC Insect and Rodent Vent Screen

    2″ PVC Vent Screen for Insects and Rodents

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  • PVS-IS2-2 2" Insect and Rodent PVC Vent Screens

    2″ PVC Vent Screen Set for Insects and Rodents

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