Concentric Vent Screen Kit


CVC series concentric vent screen kits are professional grade vent protection products designed to guard a concentric vent’s exhaust termination from bees, wasps, birds and many other outdoor threats. Each cap is manufactured in the United States with high quality materials and to precision tolerances.



Measuring Concentric VentsConcentric vents are often used for boiler, furnace and hot water heaters as the concentric vent’s pipe within pipe design allows both the intake and exhaust to exit the dwelling through one hole. Unfortunately, the exhaust termination pipe is often situated on a fixed horizontal plane which is an open invitation for insects and birds to fly right inside of. Our professional grade CVC series concentric vent screen kits are designed to safeguard this existing vulnerability and are used not only as a preventative measure but by those recovering from a costly infiltration event.

CVC series concentric vent screen kits are designed to fit over a concentric vent’s exhaust termination pipe to protect against costly infiltration events from animals, debris and insects. Each kit contains one individually boxed concentric vent cap, three set screws and hex wrench.

Important CVC Concentric Vent Screen Kit Features Include:

  • Durable Professional Grade Corrosion Resistant 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing
  • Weep Hole to Assist in Condensate/Rain Drainage on Horizontal Installations
  • Premium 316 Stainless Steel Screens Used for an Extended Service Life
  • High Airflow Ratings Ensure High Compatibility and Energy Efficiency in All Seasons
  • Fastens Over a Concentric Vent’s Exhaust Pipe with Three Included Stainless Steel Set Screws
  • No Tools Required for Installation as Each Kit Includes a Hex Wrench
  • Secure and Serviceable Fitment for Quick/Simple Seasonal Cap Changes
  • Combines High Quality Materials, Construction and Airflow for Professionals

Since there are multiple manufacturers of concentric vent screens, and various sizes, it is important for our customers to confirm that their existing concentric vent’s cone has the words “do not block intake” embossed on it along with the outside diameter of the cone’s exhaust pipe termination. Please compare the measurement of your cone’s exhaust termination to those below to select the appropriate concentric vent screen kit.

CVC-I2 and CVC-R2: Fits Over a CVENT-2 Exhaust Termination Outside Diameter of 2-11/16″
CVC-I3 and CVC-R3: Fits Over a CVENT-3 Exhaust Termination Outside Diameter of 3-3/16″

For complete all-season vent protection, it is recommended to use a CVC-I series vent cap to protect against animals, debris and insects during the warmer months when insects are active outdoors. Both the CVC-I2 and CVC-I3 will prevent bees and wasps from forming restrictive nests within pipes or inside high efficiency appliances. When temperatures drop below freezing, and throughout winter, the appropriate CVC-R2 and CVC-R3 must be used as it offers a 90% airflow rating to support clean boiler, furnace and hot water heater combustion cycles on condensing exhaust vents.

As is the case with our PVS series vent screens, CVC series concentric vent screen kits are professional grade vent protection products. Each cap is precision machined from anti-corrosive 6061-T6 aluminum and houses a premium 316 stainless steel screen. The three cone point set screws are also made of stainless steel to form a complete kit that not only resists corrosion, but provides many years of service life even when exposed to the outdoors and acidic exhaust discharge. Each cap also is made with a small weep hole before the screen to aid in the discharge of condensate and rain when the cap is installed horizontally. While the construction of our CVC series concentric vent screens is important, the airflow rating is equally important.

Boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters have what is known as a condensing exhaust vent. During winter, there is moisture in the exhaust air that is discharged from high efficiency appliances. This moist air can collect on a screen then freeze, which reduces its baseline airflow rating. For this reason we offer CVC-2R and CVC-3R (rodent models) concentric vent caps as they have a 90% airflow rating and meet NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) airflow requirements for winter use. At most, 2-3% airflow capacity is lost from ice and the next heat cycle will liquefy what little ice is on the screen. This self-cleaning process repeats itself throughout winter. It is important to note that using an incorrect vent screen during winter may not only degrade the performance (lost energy efficiency) of the appliance, but may also expose the occupants of the dwelling to safety/health risks resulting from CO (carbon monoxide) buildup. For this reason, it is important to use the correct 90% airflow rated concentric exhaust vent cap during winter.

Unfortunately no rodent screen that is safe to use during winter will prevent bees and wasps from building restrictive nests within the pipes or inside an appliance during the warmer months. While insects will have a difficult time getting past the draft inducer motor on an exhaust vent, nests within exhaust pipes do reduce the available airflow. Even small nests, which are often abandoned, can accumulate over a period of years and cause a furnace safety lockout that requires a costly HVAC service call to remedy. These same problems occur with boilers and hot water heaters, which plumbers routinely encounter in the field. Our CVC-I2 and CVC-I3 concentric vent screen kits, which have a 70% airflow rating, are installed seasonally to prevent insects from entering a concentric vent’s exhaust pipe.

As noted previously, there are numerous concentric vent manufacturers. Those with a concentric vent having an inside diameter of 3-1/2″ may use the PVS-IS3 and PVS-RS3 vent screens seasonally as they are designed to fit inside this particular style of concentric vent.

Additional information


Fits Over 2-11/16" Exhaust Pipe, Fits Over 3-3/16" Exhaust Pipe

UPC - Model Specific

CVC-I2 (680474203253), CVC-R2 (680474203260), CVC-I3 (680474203277), CVC-R3 (680474203284)


PVC Vent Screens

Airflow Rating

70% Insect (Spring, Summer and Fall), 90% Rodent (Winter)

Mesh Type

316 Stainless Steel

Mesh Size

2 x 2 (Rodent Versions with .478" Openings) and 18 x 18 (Insect Versions with .047" Openings)

Housing Material

6061-T6 Aluminum

Thermal Rating

-65 to 400°F (-54 to 204°C)

Intended Use

For CVENT2 and CVENT3 Concentric Vents

Fasteners Included

Three 304 Stainless Steel Cone Point Set Screws with One Hex Wrench

Corrosion Resistant


Guards Against

Insects, Debris and Rodents Seasonally

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