4″ PVC Bird and Rodent Vent Screen


The PVS-RS4 is a 4″ PVC vent screen designed for use during any season, including winter. The PVS-RS4 maintains maximum airflow, making it an ideal screen for use on active condensing vents that are common with modern day high efficiency furnaces. Because the screen is made of stainless steel, which is encased in an aluminum shell, this vent screen resists corrosion and is well suited for use on both intake and exhaust vents.

Key Features Include:

  • Industry Leading Airflow at 90%
  • Maximum Airflow Increases Appliance Compatibility
  • Trouble-Free Condensing Vent Protection Use During Winter
  • .022″ Thick 316 Stainless Steel 2 x 2 Welded Wire Screen
  • .478″ Openings Keep Vent Clear of Rodents and Debris
  • 4.470″ Outside Diameter Fits 4″ PVC Hubs and Couplings Perfect
  • Included Internal Wire Clip Makes Secure Installation Simple
  • May Be Used During All Seasons and Temperatures

See our PVS series vent screen sizing and installation video here.

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Safe Vent Screen UsageIf the purpose of a PVC vent is to allow air to pass through, why restrict that airflow with an inferior product? We asked this same question and designed the best 4″ rodent vent screen available. The PVS-RS4 is made with a tough 316 stainless steel welded wire screen that has openings that are just under one half of an inch, which maintains 90% airflow. The screen is housed in a 6061-T6 aluminum shell that will not scrape, gouge or damage PVC vent pipes.

The PVS-RS4 is designed to fit into any standard four inch PVC hub or coupling and is secured in place with one included 304 stainless steel internal wire clip. Both the screen and internal wire clip resist corrosion, and the internal wire clip can be reused when changing over to our 4″ PVC insect and rodent screen for maximum seasonal protection during the warmer months.

The PVS-RS4 exceeds NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) minimum airflow standards for use during winter and safeguards high efficiency boiler, furnace and hot water heater vents from animals. With openings that are just under a half inch, birds, mice, chipmunks, squirrels and other animals will be denied entry into intake and exhaust pipes. Since the PVS-RS4 maintains an industry leading airflow rate, it is the ideal screen for use on active condensing vents.

Important Sizing Information

Our PVS-RS4 has an outside diameter of 4.470″ and is designed to fit inside any standard 4″ PVC hub or coupling with an opening of 4-1/2″. Those who get a 4″ measurement on the outside pipe diameter often are likely measuring the outside of a 3″ hub (normally the size is embossed on the hub for confirmation), which has an inside diameter of 3.500″. In such cases our PVS-RS3 is the correct vent screen to purchase. Proper measurement techniques and dimensional product cross references are discussed in more detail on our sizing vent screens page.

Additional information

Weight10 oz
Model Number




Manufactured By

PVC Vent Screens

Mesh Type

316 Stainless Steel

Mesh Size

2 x 2

Wire Diameter

.022 Inches


.478 Inches Between Wires

Airflow Maintained

Approximately 90%

Shell Material

6061-T6 Aluminum

Outside Diameter

4.470 Inches

Overall Length

.458 Inches

Thermal Rating

-65 to 400°F (-54 to 204°C)

Intended Use

For 4" Schedule 40 PVC Hub or Coupling Vent Terminations

Fasteners Included

One 304 Stainless Steel Internal Wire Clip

Corrosion Resistant


Guards Against

Birds, Rodents and Debris

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