3/4″ PVC Vent Cap with Insect Screen


The multi-purpose SVC-IS075 vent and drain cap is designed to guard small 3/4″ PVC pipe terminations from debris, insects and rodents. By using the included stainless steel set screw, this cap may be installed and removed as needed for a serviceable installation.

  • Fits Over 3/4″ PVC Pipe Having a 1.050″ Outside Diameter
  • 18 x 18 Mesh 316 Stainless Steel Insect Screen
  • Ideal for Ventilation and Low-Pressure Drainage Applications
  • Installs with Cement Weld, Slip Fit or Included Set Screw
  • Hex Wrench Included
  • Made in the United States

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The SVC-IS075 is a 3/4″ vent and drain cap having a .824″ screened area which is designed to install over straight 3/4″ pipe having a 1.050″ outside diameter. This cap features a premium 18 x 18 mesh 316 stainless steel screen that maintains a 70% open area for a variety of ventilation and low-pressure drainage applications. The wire thickness of the screen is .009″ and has .047″ openings to provide superior protection from bees, wasps and mice.

This cap may be installed over straight 3/4″ PVC pipe with a cement weld or slip fit. The included stainless steel set screw also allows the SVC-IS075 to be fastened as a serviceable installation.

Though the SVC-IS075 is primarily used to guard condensate drain discharge lines from bee and wasp nests, its versatile design allows it to be used in many different HVAC and plumbing applications.

Each SVC-IS075 vent and drain cap is individually boxed with a hex wrench and instructions.

Additional information

Weight8.1 oz
Model Number




Manufactured By

PVC Vent Screens

Wire Type

316 Stainless Steel (ASTM E2016-11 Specification)

Wire Size

18 x 18

Wire Diameter

.009 Inches

Open Area


Inside Diameter

1.055 Outer Tapers to 1.045 Inner

Overall Length

1.665 Inches

Thermal Rating

140°F (60°C) Maximum

Intended Use

Installs Over 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe Ventilation and Drain Terminations

Fasteners Included

One 304 Stainless Steel Set Screw (Free Hex Wrench Included)

Corrosion Resistant


Guards Against

Debris, Insects and Rodents

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