PVS-IS2 PVC Vent Screen Airflow Improvement

On any high efficiency appliance ventilation system, obstructions can have unwanted side effects that include system lockouts (shutdowns), a loss in efficiency and in extreme cases pose a danger to the occupants of a home or business. Though many of these obstructions can be avoided when using a quality vent screen product, most products out on the market are not designed to prevent insects from getting into homes. Our two inch PVS-IS2 insect screens accomplish this, but its intended use is for venting systems that are shut down. With an airflow rate of 46%, it’s just not ideal to use this protective vent screen on high efficiency appliances that are in use. Because of this, we will be rolling out a design change on this product that will increase the airflow by 24% for a total airflow rate of 70%.

PrototypeBy using a thinner and slightly wider stainless steel mesh screen (18 x 18), as pictured in the photograph on the left, we are now able to produce a product that retains its important insect and rodent protection qualities while dramatically improving the airflow. Additionally, we have taken this opportunity to also improve corrosion resistance by changing from a 304 stainless steel to a higher quality 316 stainless steel mesh screen.

Most plastic PVC vent screens on the market for high efficiency furnaces, hot water heaters and boilers use a wide/thick plastic mesh that restricts airflow from 20-30% at a minimum. Our improved PVS-IS2 vent screen will provide the same rate of airflow as most plastic models, but will also guard against insects. Though these improvements are not without added material and labor costs, we strongly believe that the 2” PVS-IS2 will quickly become the best PVC vent screen on the market. In fact, this same design will be used for our soon to be released PVS-IS3 vent screen for three inch applications. Please visit our news page for more details regarding planned product launches.

Comparison of PVC Vent ScreensTo illustrate the difference between our insect vent screens, you may view the side by side comparison picture to the right. As you can see in the photograph (please click the image to view a larger image), even small insects will have a difficult time entering through our new screens. Animals, such as chipmunks, moles, mice and squirrels will encounter this deterrent and look elsewhere to explore.

With an improved airflow, the PVS-IS2 vent screen will offer insect protection compatibility with even more high efficiency condensing furnaces, power vent hot water heats and boilers that are in operation. We expect that the new PVS-IS2 vent screen will supersede our existing model and be available for purchase in our store by January, 1 2015 at the latest.

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