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Much of what we do at PVC Vent Screens is designed to remedy and prevent the many problems that professionals encounter in the field when they provide services at both residential and commercial dwellings. Because professional plumbers, HVAC companies and pest control specialists depend on us for solutions, we are never idle in our efforts to improve our vent screen products and the level of customer service we provide. In response to our customer’s unique needs, we created this page to keep our valued customers informed about what is happening within our company and how we are addressing their unique needs.

Below you will find the latest news from PVC Vent Screens. Each entry below (newest first) will provide a brief overview of the news topic and link to a more detailed page when available. Should you have specific questions regarding the information we have released, or our products, please use our contact form to send us any questions you may have.


7/9/2023 – The USPS Ground Advantage shipping class is now available for domestic orders weighing up to 70LBS. See our shipping page for additional information.

12/13/2019 – Previously available as special order items for professional HVAC and plumbing customers, our 3/4″ SVC-IS075 and 1″ SVC-IS1 vent and drain caps are now available for purchase in our store.

7/18/2019 – We are now shipping professional grade concentric vent screen caps. Insect versions are available for use during the warmer months (spring, summer and fall), while 90% airflow rated models are available for use during winter.

6/15/2018 – Third generation PVS series vent screens are now being shipped in both 2″ and 3″ models.

Our new PVS series vent screens have been re-engineered for added strength and to be used in applications beyond ventilation. Third generation PVS series vent screens feature a higher service operating temperature, may be used in most environments where direct exposure to chemicals will occur, and may be used applications where the vent screens will be in contact with and/or submerged in most fluids.

2/24/2017IWC-2-2, IWC-3-2 and IWC-4-2 internal wire clip sets for our PVS series vent screens are now available for purchase.

2/23/2017 – New 1-1/2″ PVC insect vent caps and 2″ PVC insect vent caps may now be purchased directly through our online store.

8/20/2016 – New 1-1/2″ PVC vent caps and 2″ PVC vent caps with screens are now available for purchase.

1/22/2016 – Additional Payment Options for Our Valued Customers

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our payment options to include all major credit cards. In addition to accepting Visa, MasterCard and Discover, we now accept payments from American Express cardholders.

1/17/2016 – USPS Shipping Method and Rate Changes

In response to increases in United States Postal Service shipping fees effective today, we have adjusted our shipping fees accordingly. We also introduced a First Class Mail shipping option for domestic orders, which will offer a more affordable shipping option with a minimal increase (1-2 days) in transit time above Priority Mail services.

1/7/2016 – International First Class Mail Shipping Option for Canadian Customers

Effective immediately, our valued customers in Canada may now choose to have their orders shipped via United States Postal Service International First Class Mail. While the time in transit for First Class Mail is slightly longer than using Priority Mail, the cost of shipping to most Canadian destinations is often far more affordable. Please note that current shipping fees to destinations in Canada are produced in real time during checkout.

9/20/2015 – Four Inch PVC Vent Screens Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the PVS-IS4 4″ insect screen and PVS-RS4 4″ bird and rodent screen models are now available for purchase.

12/20/2014 – USPS Canada Shipping Option Available

Effective immediately, PVC Vent Screens is shipping to destinations in Canada using United States Postal Service International Priority Mail. This shipping option offers Canadians a better freight value as compared to the brokerage fees charged by companies such as UPS.

12/16/2014 – PVS Series Vent Screens Now Made With Better Materials That Improve Airflow

In an effort to improve quality, all of our PVS series vent screens are now manufactured with 316 stainless steel mesh screens. 316 stainless steel offers even better corrosion resistance than 304 grade stainless steel. Additionally, the welded wire and mesh diameters have changed to enable maximum airflow. Our basis for this change is simple. Vent protection is necessary to prevent unwanted blockages and not cause them. With the changes in our vent screens, they are now the best flowing and most compatible vent protection products available (90% for our rodent screens and 70% for our combined insect and rodent screens). Please stop by our vent screen store to view the new material and product specifications for each model. We believe you will find our PVS series screens to be superior not only in craftsmanship, but also universally compatible with most furnace, hot water heater and boiler venting systems (intake and/or exhaust).

11/29/2014 – Three Inch PVC Vent Screens Now Available

We have just added a 3″ PVC insect vent screen and rodent screen to our store. These models feature max airflow 316 stainless steel mesh screens for maximum compatibility with all high efficiency furnaces, hot water heaters and boilers. Though these models are available for purchase, their availability is limited as we retool manufacturing to build a sufficient inventory to service the needs of consumers, HVAC companies, plumbers and pest control specialists.

11/21/2014 – Improvements to the PVS-IS2 Vent Screen Being Made

One of the biggest problems with unprotected PVC vents, during warm weather, is that all kinds of curious bugs want to explore their way into the inside of homes and businesses. Though the existing 304 stainless steel mesh screen in our PVS-IS2 model vent screen product does a great job at keeping out mosquitoes, bees, wasps and other insects, we are making changes to this product to significantly improve airflow. You can read more about these changes here.

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