PVS-RS Series Rodent Vent Screens

PVS-RS series rodent screen inserts are designed to protect high efficiency boiler, furnace and hot water heater vents in sub-freezing temperatures and throughout winter. Meeting USA NFPA airflow specifications for winter use, PVS-RS series vent screens feature a 90% airflow rating and may be used on intake and condensing exhaust vents for protection from birds, chipmunks, mice and other outdoor pests.

  • PVS-RS2 2″ vent screens fit inside a 2″ hub having an inside diameter of 2-3/8″.
  • PVS-RS3 3″ vent screens fit inside a 3″ hub having an inside diameter of 3-1/2″.
  • PVS-RS4 4″ vent screens fit inside a 4″ hub having an inside diameter of 4-1/2″.

As vent screen inserts, PVS-RS series rodent screens fit inside existing boiler, furnace and hot water heater vent termination hubs where they are shielded from debris and precipitation on horizontal (sidewall) vent terminations. Additionally, in-hub placement allows the exhaust vent screen to be positioned as close to the heat source as possible for trouble-free use throughout winter.

Additional sizing assistance, including pictures and video, may be viewed on our hub screen inserts page.

Concentric exhaust vents, which look like cones/saucers, may also be guarded with our 90% airflow rated vent caps. These screened caps provide full rodent protection while also meeting NFPA airflow standards for winter use. The CVC-R2 will fit over a 2-11/16″ exhaust pipe while the CVC-R3 will fit over a 3-3/16″ exhaust pipe.

For all-season vent protection, we recommend the use of PVS-IS series insect vent screens during spring, summer and fall to guard intake and exhaust vents from bees, wasps and other insects in addition to rodents.

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